Welcome to Premium Productions. We’ve been producing car shows in Florida and around the Southeast since 1991. Our shows are professionally judged shows by Premium Auto Enthusiasts.

Here’s kind of a condensed FAQ regarding how we do what we do:

All vehicles are welcome at our shows (unless it’s a specific show JUST for Corvettes, Mustangs, MOPARS, etc. Usually, dealerships retain our group to come in and do targeted shows for them, but 98% of our shows are OPEN to everyone).

The most important feature, the one thing we dwell upon at our shows is CLEANLINESS. Best of Shows are won or lost at our competitions by detailing (or the lack thereof) Sometimes by as little as ONE point.  Participants are welcome to view their judging sheets AFTER the award ceremony and most often the judge who scored that car will be glad to go over the sheet and the car with the owner.  We DO NOT intend to “pick” on your vehicle, we do however wish to address concerns or suggest improvements to the car or truck you are justifiably proud of.  It’s critiquing not criticism, so step right up if you are so inclined, we absolutely do not consider it poor sportsmanship to ask legitimate questions or to voice concerns.

Also, we split classes by “old” & “new” or by year group. Your 1939 Ford doesn’t compete against” a 1998 Chevy or a 2004 PT Cruiser.  Premium judges respect ALL vehicles for what they are, which is the pride and joy of the participant showing them off in competition.

STOCK: bone stock, as the vehicle came out of the factory.
SEMI MODIFIED: one to six MINOR changes.  NO paint or interior changes.
MODIFIED… NO body mods. Wheels, blowers, etc make you modified.
CUSTOM…. body mods such as shaved door handles, Frenched tail light etc. put you in custom.

If you have specific questions, ask the judges who are classifying as you enter the show field.
Car Shows are FUN, a good place to catch up with old friends, meet some new ones and exchange info.

All shows go on RAIN or SHINE. There are no refunds unless we cancel a show due to severe weather.

Compete in good spirit and most of all ENJOY!

Premium Productions
6401 49th Street N.
Pinellas Park, FL 33781