How to pre-register

We have a new registration system. You will now find it more convenient to register your vehicle for several shows or several vehicles for each show. It’s very easy.

Click HERE to go to our Registration Instructions page.

You can always check your reservations by clicking on “EVENTS” and select “MY BOOKINGS” in the top menu bar on any page of this website. (Make sure you are Logged-In first.)

You do not have to log-in to browse our site – just to register for a show.

You can register up to 10 vehicles at a time (with different drivers) for each event or several events. This makes it easy for clubs that want to enter several members under one account. If you need to add more vehicles just finish the transaction and start another one.

You will see your “shopping cart” in the right sidebar just below the Facebook Logo on every page. You can view your cart and checkout at any time.

Be advised that signing up for an account will not place you on our mailing list. You will have to enter your email address in the signup box to be placed on our list. Just scroll down to the “Join our Mailing List Today” in the right sidebar.

When filling out the entry form you only have to list the color e.g.: “Red” not “Anniversary Red” or some other descriptive phrase. It’s only for the judges to find your car in a sea of others.

Remember you can enter more than one show using the shopping cart and pay the total at checkout.